Chickenpox in pregnancy

Chickenpox is a very infectious illness caused by a virus called herpes zoster (part of the herpes family). The medical name for chickenpox is varicella. Most people in the UK get chickenpox in childhood, when it is a mild infection causing a rash. Once you have had chickenpox, you cannot catch it a second time. This is called being immune to it (your body produces antibodies, which are the body’s defence system against infection). Nine out of ten pregnant women (90%) in the UK are immune to chickenpox. If you are infected for the first time as an adult, it tends to be more serious.

If you grew up in a tropical or subtropical area, you are less likely to have had chickenpox in childhood. If you subsequently move to the UK, you have a greater risk of catching chickenpox than women who were born and grew up in the UK. Your doctor or midwife may discuss testing your immunity while you are pregnant.


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