Cervical smears and pregnancy

In the UK, cervical cancer is very rare. This is because women are offered regular testing to detect changes in the cervix (neck of the womb) at a stage before they become cancerous.

The sample that is taken from the cervix is known as a smear test. If your smear test is abnormal, you may be referred for an investigation called a colposcopy, which is a more detailed look at the cervix. Most women in the UK start having smears by the age of 25. Therefore it is not unusual to be called for a smear test or to be asked to attend colposcopy during pregnancy.

This information is for you if:

  • you are unsure whether you should have your smear or attend colposcopy while you are pregnant
  • you have had an abnormal smear result and then discovered you are pregnant
  • you have had treatment in the past for an abnormal smear, and are pregnant or are considering having a baby.

The leaflet can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking on the link below.